Massey University Confirms Business School Pathways

Aspire2 International is proud to have Massey Business School (MBS) recognise the quality of our New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDB) programmes by providing our Level 5,6 and 7 students with a seamless pathway to degrees and postgraduate studies at MBS.

We welcomed Dr Jeff Stangl and Dr Loren Stangl from Massey Business School to our Hobson Street Campus to talk to our business students about their pathway options.

Bharat Chawla, Dr Jeff Stangl (MBS), Loren Stangl (MBS), Sunil Bhargav and Beckie Yang

Massey Business School is ranked in the top 2% of business schools worldwide, pursues excellence in research and creates memorable learning experiences for students.

Aspire2 International business students interested in pursuing a degree or post graduate studies at MBS will be issued with a letter to support their study visa application. The letter will confirm that they can progress to MBS from our Aspire2 International business programmes.

For more information about Massey University Business programmes and fees please check their website. Or contact Massey’s International Office at [email protected]

Visit our Academic Partners page for a full list of the top universities in New Zealand offering Aspire2 International students pathways to degrees and post-graduates studies.

To enrol in Aspire2 International business programmes with pathways to MBS, please contact our International Team on: [email protected]
Or call us on +64 9 5555 400

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