Apply to study in New Zealand with Aspire2 International

Want to study something practical and work-ready?  Want to study with a campus that is friendly, and that will take good care of you?  Are you ready to experience what life is like in New Zealand?  Find out more on how to apply with Aspire2 International.  The information below will help you to understand the process.  The friendly team will also assist you wherever you may need help, so that the process is easy and reassuring for you.  Let’s start the conversation!

Enrolment Enquiries

[email protected]

+64 9 555 5400 (Mon – Sat)

+64 9 377 8252

 Step 1 choose an Aspire2 International programme

Step 1 : Choose your study programme

After you have found a programme or programmes you like – check that you are able to meet the:

> Academic entry requirements
> English entry requirements

These will be outlined on the ‘Entry’ tab on each programmes’ web page.

Browse all Aspire2 International’s programmes >

 Step 2 prepare supporting documents

Step 2 : Prepare your supporting documentation

In addition to a completed application form, you will need to submit…

  • A certified copy of your academic result (translated into English if applicable), or other English proficiency entry requirements
  • A certified copy of your English test results (Academic IELTS, TOEFL, LanguageCert, Pearson Academic Tests or equivalent) if applicable
  • A certified copy of your passport identification page

 Step 3 Apply online

Step 3 : Apply online or through a representative

Click here to contact us. We will discuss what information is required, and help you with any questions.

Via Representative:  
You can apply to study at Aspire2 International with an Aspire2 International approved representative in your home country.

Download an application form:  
Download and complete the Application Form, a representative from Aspire2 International will help you with the processes after you send it via email.

Submit your application form:
Submit your application form via email it to [email protected], along with the rest of the necessary documents.

 Step 4 Accept your offer letter

Step 4 : Accept your offer

Aspire2 International will help you to get your application approved.
If you are a candidate that is approved to study at Aspire2 International, you will receive a formal ‘Offer Letter’.
In this letter you will get helpful instructions on what will  happen next.  The Offer Letter will outline….

  1. How to accept your formal offer to study at Aspire2 International
  2. Information on payment of a deposit
  3. Any additional documents that are required.