Study for an extra year at Aspire2 International

Are you interested in

  • Staying in New Zealand for longer?
  • Becoming more employable?
  • Opening study pathways in New Zealand or abroad?
  • An affordable option to upskill and get better qualifications?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read more about how studying for an extra year at Aspire2 International, for just a little bit more time and cost, can do so much for for you and your future!

Consider these ways that studying for an extra year, as Aspire2 International specifically, can enhance and improve the likelihood of achieving your goals after graduation – whatever they may be.  Even if you don’t have a plan yet, an additional year of study can give you a better outcome and time to figure things out.

Reason 1. Higher qualifications create more opportunities

When employers see that you stayed with one institution for a longer period of time, it indicates that you are stable, serious, and dedicated – whereas jumping between schools and leaving gaps raises questions.  Higher qualifications will always look more attractive to employers and universities alike.

Reason 2. Staff who are extra helpful to students

A big benefit of studying in a small and intimate campus is getting to know the staff on a more personal level.  They’re all either Kiwis who can help you understand how New Zealand works, or people who have moved here from another (like you) who can relate to what you’re going through.  The staff appreciate you’ve left home and have traveled far to come to a foreign country – and you have their empathy.  So the staff really want to help you wherever they can, so that you get the most out of this experience.

Reason 3. Lively campus environments

Our intimate and compact campuses make an extra effort to put on student events, so that you can meet people, experience other cultures, feel welcome, and have fun!  You might even want to volunteer to help organise these events.

Reason 4. Diverse student body

Compared to other institutions, Aspire2 International’s student body is extremely diverse.  We have the third largest International student population in numbers in New Zealand, and the student body is made up entirely of students from other countries. If you enjoy being in an international atmosphere and meeting people from different nationalities, then Aspire2 International really is the best place!

Reason 5. The stability and strength of our school

Aspire2 International is part of a group of schools that are strong, stable, and have a good reputation in the education environment that goes back to 1996. Don’t be swayed into applying for an institution with an uncertain future.

Reason 6. Exceptional academic support

We don’t do large impersonal lecture halls, where you remain unknown to the tutors – we do smaller personal classrooms where you get to know your tutors as well as your classmates.  The tutors get to know you, and will make an effort to help you where they can if you need it.

Reason 7. Three cities to choose from

With most institutions, you’re stuck in one city, but with Aspire2 International, you have three cities to choose from. A great option if you enjoy travelling or want a change of scene!  Depending on which programme you want to take, you can study in big city Auckland, garden city Christchurch, or cool-and-coastal Tauranga.  You don’t have to be stuck in one place!

Reason 8. No need to pack up and move

Otherwise, if you’ve gone to all the effort setting up a new life (good job, a nice flat, great friends) and you don’t want to leave then start over somewhere new – then you don’t have to.  Just stay on for another year at the Aspire2 International campus you’re currently attending, and there is no need to put in all that effort and cost into relocating to somewhere new.

Reason 9. Aspire2 Work will help you find a job

Aspire2 Work puts in extra time, effort, and dedication when getting to know you, and finding jobs in the marketplace. This increases your chances of finding a quality job while you study, and after you’ve graduated – and that’s a service that other institutions might not have.

Reason 10. Multiple programmes on offer

Many private institutions specialise in one faculty and one study pathway. Aspire2 International has multiple programmes to choose from, all of which are highly practical and make you workplace-ready.  Don’t forget the short course offerings that will teach you a nifty new skill either!

Reason 11. Scholarship options

High-performing students, this one is for you – if you are making good grades and showing good work ethic – you might be eligible for a scholarship for a second year!  Why not take advantage of that?

Reason 12. Affordable upskilling option

Second year’s study fees cost less than first year’s study fees.  If you divide the overall cost of a 2 year programme, then compare it to the overall cost of a one year programme, you’ll discover it’s more economical.

Reason 13. Discounts on LanguageCert

LanguageCert offers a special discount exclusively to Aspire2 International students, pplus you’ll recieve a lot of support to help you be prepared for the LanguageCert exams.  That extra support plus the discount is a great way to get your English certification – which may be required at any time in your future for work, visas, or future study.

If you are interested, then there are a few steps to follow.  Prepare ahead of time, to make this process simple and easy, and to give yourself time

This is the process to apply for an extra year:

  1. Fill out the Second or Third year application form
  2. Get your English proficiency certified.  IELTS, Pearson English, and LanguageCert are all accepted.
    This can be:

    1. IELTS (Academic) of 6.0 with no individual band less than 5.5
    2. Pearson Test (PTE) with an overall score of 50 and above, with no individual band of less than 42
      please also provide Login and Password for your account
    3. LanguageCert (Expert – C1) with a pass rate on both written and speaking tests including standard met on all parts*.
  3. Apply for a RealMe account at
  4. Your 2nd/3rd year ‘Conditional Offer of Place’ will be emailed to you on Week 6 of your final term
  5. Complete your Level 5 course successfully
  6. Collect your ‘completion documents’ from Student Services – you’ll receive an email notifying you that they are ready
  7. Your ‘Unconditional Offer of Place’ will be emailed to you
  8. Make payment of your student fees.
    The total fee and bank account information (Aspire2 International BNZ Public Trust bank account) will be included in your second or third year ‘Conditional Offer of Place’ (see point 4 above)**
  9. Ensure you have the following five documents ready
    1. Completion documents
      1. Interim certificate
      2. Progress report
      3. Attendance record
    2. Unconditional offer of place for Level 6 or Level 7
    3. Fee receipt
    4. Student visa
    5. Finance arranged
  10. Apply for your student Visa through your ‘RealMe’ account (see point 3 above)
  11. You are done!  Student services will notify you via email about the onboarding process, and to sign some final documents.

If you have already passed the test, please ensure that your results are still valid on the date that your Year Two study begins.
Please note that Internal testing results are no longer valid.
If you need to sit a test, book in advance to ensure you receive your results before completing level 5.
Submit results with your: Full name, DOB, and Student ID number to [email protected]

** Payment can be done via online bank transfer, bank cheque (recommended) , bank deposit, EFTPOS and/or bank international telegraphic transfer o International fee transfers may take up to 10 working days.  o Allow another 2 working days for the issue of your Fee Receipt (you will need it to apply for new visa) o If you make bank cheque or pay by card on campus, we can usually issue the fee receipt within 48 hours