Study in New Zealand with Aspire2 International for an extra year

Are you interested in:

  • Staying in New Zealand for longer?
  • Becoming more employable?
  • Opening study pathways in New Zealand or abroad?

Because if you are, then you should consider studying for a second year Aspire2 International.  It only takes a little bit more time and cost, but you can add a lot to your future!

It is a great opportunity for :

  • Business faculty students who will be graduating with a Level 5 or Level 6 qualification
  • Information Technology students who will be graduation with a Level 5 qualification
  • Hospitality students who will be graduating with a Level 5 qualification
  • Cookery students who will be graduating with a Level 4 qualification
  • English students who have sufficient language skills and are ready to get a work-ready qualification

Earn an NZQA recognised qualification

Designated academic support team to help you during and after your study

Higher employment success rate after graduation

Aspire2 Work’s ongoing career counselling and employment support

Ability to take subsidised industry short courses on campus

Industry workshops and academic pathways to NZ universities and polyechnics

Authorised LanguageCert English language certification options

Scholarship offers and incentives for high-performing students

Free visa consultation

The largest private tertiary provider in NZ, with 3 locations

Contact us

General enquiries
Email [email protected]
Or enquire at your campus’s reception

Files & Downloads

Year 2 Application form >
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Checklist >
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Scholarship FAQs >
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Reasons to continue your studies with Aspire2 International

It is great that you are studying with Aspire2 International, and we doing what we can to give you a credible work-ready qualification, that can be used here in New Zealand or overseas, and also a positive learning environment where you can feel like part of a community. This mix of good practical learning and community-minded campuses is something that is very unique to Aspire2 International, and you will find it very hard to find another education provider who can offer that to you. Graduates often to Aspire2 International after a period of work, holiday, or study elsewhere – and they comment on how the intimate and friendly style was more helpful to their learning.

What we say to you, is that you have come a long way from home to get a good degree and experience New Zealand life – why not stay for a little longer? Studying for a second year with Aspire2 International makes it easier to give you more time in New Zealand, and you get an even higher qualification when you’re done.

Here are some of the popular reasons why students study for a second year with Aspire2 International,
from students like you:

  1. You earn a credible NZQA recognised qualification
  2. You have a designated team to give you the academic support to move forward during and after your studies
  3. Graduates who have completed a second year of study have higher employment success rate after graduation
  4. You can access Aspire2 Work for ongoing career, counselling, and employment support
  5. There are industry short course opportunities on campus, at a subsidised rate, that you can take part in
  6. Aspire2 International has industry workshops and academic pathways to other New Zealand universities and polytechnics
  7. LanguageCert English certification is offered at a special rate, with help and workshops that will help you earn a higher grade
  8. There are scholarship offers and incentives available, rewarded to high performing students
  9. Free visa consultation service
  10. Aspire2 International is one of the largest private education providers in New Zealand, with a strong reputation
  11. Since Aspire2 International is located in 3 cities, you may have the option of changing your location and living somewhere new, to see more of New Zealand, and to have connections and support in that new town
  12. Or if you like your current town, and you don’t want to spend more time there, studying for longer is a way to extend your experience
  13. We’re still one of the best places to study if you prefer an environment with smaller classrooms, and staff really help and care, and where you will feel a sense of belonging.

Start the process with this easy ‘to do’ list!

Aspire2 International makes it easy for you to extend your stay in New Zealand, and to add-on an extra year of study!  There are a few requirements that eligible students have to meet – and we will help you whenever you need it.

  • Print and fill the application form
  • Apply for a RealMe account
  • Get proof that you have the level of English necessary for your next qualification*.  You can get your English language proficiency certification at Aspire2 International with LanguageCert at a discounted rate!  Otherwise, the English certification options that Aspire2 International accept are:
    • IELTS (Academic)
    • Pearson Test (PTE)
    • LanguageCert
  • Collect your Second Year (or Third Year) ‘Conditional Offer of Place’ from your campus’s reception during Week 6 onwards of your final term.
  • Pay your study fees to Aspire2 International’s BNZ Public Trust bank account **
  • Pass and complete your current study programme so that you can graduate to the next level of study
  • Collect your completion documents along with your ‘Unconditional Offer of Place’ from reception once you receive an email from Student Registry team that your documents are ready
  • Apply your student visa, our Visa professionals can help you if you need it
  • Ensure you have the following documents completed and ready
    •  Completion documents
      • Interim certificate
      • Progress report
      • Attendance report
    • Unconditional offer of place for your next programme of study
    • Fee receipt
    • Evidence of finances (for Visa)

* If you have already passed the test, please ensure that your results are still valid on the date that your Year Two study programme begins.
Please note that Internal testing results are no longer valid.  If you need to sit a test, book in advance to ensure you receive your results before completing level 5.  Results should be submitted alongside with your Full name, DOB and Student ID number to [email protected]

**  Payment can be done via online bank transfer, bank cheque (recommended), bank deposit, EFTPOS, and/or bank international telegraphic transfer.  International fee transfers may take up to 10 working days.  Allow 2 extra working days for the issue of your Fee Receipt (needed to apply for new visa) If you make bank cheque or pay by card on campus, Aspire2 International can usually issue the fee receipt within 48 hours.