Cookery Students Volunteer at Everybody Eats

Our cookery students volunteered at the Everybody Eats charity pop-up restaurant at Gemmayze Street Restaurant in Auckland last week.

Live cooking for 300+ customers certainly puts our students under pressure and gives them invaluable real-life work experience. In fact they did such a good job they not only walked away feeling great just being a part of this charity event, but two of our students were offered jobs!

Everybody Eats serves restaurant-quality, 3-course meals, prepared by volunteer chefs, from perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. Everybody is welcome and guests pay whatever they like, from large donations to nothing at all.

If you’re in Auckland why not visit the Everybody Eats pop-up on Monday nights at Gemmayze Street Restaurant in Saint Kevins Arcade – who knows, you may have one of our students cooking for you!!

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