Submission Information

Author’s Guide

  1. All articles submitted to New Zealand Journal of Business & Technology (NZJB&T) should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time.
  2. Authors are fully responsible for the data they collect for their analysis. Authors are also responsible for obtaining permission and clearing any copyright issues relating to the content of their submissions.
  3. Every article will undergo peer review following the standard academic rigeur.

Submission Guidelines

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For submission

  1. Articles should be in Microsoft Word format and submitted electronically to [email protected]
  2. It should be set out in the following format: title of the paper, author(s) bio, abstract (200–250 words) and keywords (3–5 keywords, listed alphabetically), followed by the main text of the article, and finally, acknowledgements and bibliography/ references.
  3. Bio, including author name, affiliation and contact details should be on a separate page, attached before the paper. No identification of the author should be provided on any of the other pages.
  4. The main text of the articles should include the introduction, research problem, literature review, research methods, data analysis and conclusion.
  5. Length of article should be a maximum of 10 pages of A4 size, including bibliography/ references. Font Times New Roman, size 12, with single spacing.
  6. Please don’t use any software eg Endnote and keep the text with as little formatting as possible.
  7. Use APA 6th referencing style. Provide URL to references, if any, in ready to click format.
  8. Quotations should use double quote marks. If quotations are longer than 3 lines, they should be separated from the main text by a single line and indented by 2 cm from the left margin.
  9. Quotation that have appeared in previously published works, will use single quotes, within the double quotes in the submitted paper. Eg. McNamara (2004) has also identified how “the good death of the original hospice movement has been abandoned in favour of a philosophy of a ‘good enough’ death” – a notion that appeals to many.
  10. All accepted authors will receive a PDF file of their paper in its final version before publication and will be asked to complete one final proofread within 48 hours and then return the file, with any minor grammatical or spelling errors noted, to the editor for correction. Please note that it is not possible to make any more substantial changes at this stage.

Journal Template

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  1. NZJB&T abides by the Creative Commons policies, whereby the author gives journal the right for first publication.
  2. It allows third party sharing of the articles with an acknowledgement to the author and the journal.
  3. Articles published in this journal cannot be altered, built upon or commercially used.
  4. Authors can republish a version of their works published in this journal, by acknowledging NZJB&T as the initial publication.
  5. For any other inquiry, please contact the publisher of NZJB&T.

Editorial Board

  • Sunil Bhargav
  • Dr Paula Ray
  • Dr Alaa Aljanaby
  • Dr Kaylie Tan

Advisory Review Board

  • Dr Jose Huesca Dorantes
  • Dr Md Athar Imtiaz
  • Dr Shafiq Burki
  • Dr Shanti Daellenbach
  • Dr Susan Nemec
  • Dr Hymie Abd-Latif
  • Dr Phoebe Fletcher
  • Paramjeet Kaur
  • Kirsty Barber