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Due to COVID-19, Aspire2 International’s will not be starting any new English programmes until further notice.
This is only temporary, and we hope to resume our English programmes soon! Thank you for your consideration.

Multiple levels

Different cities to study in

Academic pathways available

Diverse multi-cultural classes

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and strong English language skills opens opportunities in your education, career, travels, and personal life. Aspire2 International can help you learn English through certified English language programmes.  With Aspire2 International you will be assessed on your first day and placed into a suitable class that best suits your level of English.  You can also choose which city to study in. Classes are smaller and multi-cultural (12 to 18 people), and the Aspire2 International staff are proactive in supporting your learning, and will help you settle into New Zealand. If your English gets strong enough, you can also study take one of Aspire2 International’s programmes, or continue studying in New Zealand.

English study pathways

English study programmes

Location: Auckland, Tauranga, Christchurch
Duration: 2 – 48 weeks

This programme is flexible, and works around what works best for you. Choose your level of English, and the city you want to study in. Classes are diverse and multi-cultural, and you’ll learn a mix of skills including reading, writing, listening, and speaking for your level of English.

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Location: Auckland
Duration: 2 – 48 weeks

IELTS certification makes it possible to work in international companies, or study at international tertiary providers.  This programme is designed to helps students prepare to excel at IELTS, with access to the latest resources and progress regularly assessed.

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