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If you’re aiming to get an internationally recognized English certification for international work, travel, or education purposes – you will be familiar with IELTS. Aspire2 International’s IELTS preparation program is designed to develop your English skills to align with IELTS standards. So in the short term, this programme will prepare you well for IELTS exams, and in the long term, it will prepare you well for your future career.


The IELTS preparation programme is designed to prepare international students for the IELTS exam (General and Academic) or entry exams for Diploma courses at Aspire2 International or other providers. Students will continue to develop and consolidate effective strategies for approaching the various IELTS tasks for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


  • Communicate with fluency and confidence
  • Use idiomatic expressions
  • Use a range of grammatical structures with flexibility and accuracy
  • Use a range of pronunciation features; L1 accent has minimal effect on intelligibility
  • Use vocabulary resource flexibly to discuss a variety of topics


  • Apply critical thinking skills to reading tasks
  • Distinguish between facts, opinions and theories/hypotheses
  • Predict meaning of unknown words when necessary through context or knowledge of morphology (affixes, root)
  • Understand and follow the use of cohesive devices


  • Differentiate between fact and opinion
  • Interpret speaker’s attitude and intention
  • Listen for discourse markers
  • Understand the structured staging of a lecture
  • Use predictive strategies before each listening section


  • Demonstrate awareness of style and collocation
  • Develop an answer by presenting, extending and supporting main ideas
  • Organise writing logically into paragraphs
  • Paraphrase effectively
  • Use a flexible lexical resource

On completion of this programme students will be able to:


  • Engage in a discussion on more abstract issues
  • Express opinions, attitudes, values, moods and emotions
  • Express possibilities; speculate on future events and their consequences
  • Participate in a discussion
  • Talk about self and familiar topics


  • Listen and take notes
  • Understand and extract key information and gist in a media context
  • Understand and extract key information and gist in formal communication
  • Understand the contents of a discussion


  • Identify the author’s purpose/point of view
  • Identify topics and genre
  • Scan to find specific information
  • Skim for gist and general understanding
  • Understand and locate information
  • Understand and locate opinions and attitudes


  • Describe a problem and present solutions
  • Describe cause and effect
  • Describe data and processes
  • State an opinion
  • Write a discursive essay
  • Write informal/formal correspondence

International students

If you are coming from overseas, to be eligible for this course you must be 18 years of age or older.

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IELTS examination level
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